06/11/2014 British Car Club of Greater Cincinnati Meeting Minutes

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06/11/2014 Meeting

Antique Auto Shop, Hebron


39 Attending, 2 British Cars


Visitors: Eileen Hobert, Robert Hughes, Glen Fossey, David Nelson

New Members: Guy Peters (Elba Courier)


Officer’s Reports


Conducted meeting

Thanked Antique Auto for hosting meeting

Vice President:

Reported on British Car Day


Read meeting minutes from May


members paid for 2014

Treasurer’s report distributed


Not in attendance


Currently have no editor and therefore no newsletter


Due to Bob being out of town a great deal

Will act more as coordinator of activities

Need members to suggest events to Bob AND TO RUN THEM

Need volunteers to plan and run club drive

Proposed we have one June 21st

Voted club President determine route

Indianapolis Vintage Racing

Several club members attended

Oldest racer there was a 1911 Indy car

Over 700 cars

 Austin Healey Conclave

Hot Springs, VA

June 15-20

Triumph National Meet

June 11-15

Deer Creek State Park

Four day event

Joe Nuxhall Memorial Car Show

Cruise In for Kids

June 29

Registration from 9-12, show from 12-4

Will have James Bond Aston Martin

Delorean Car Show

June 12-14, Dayton

In the Show and Shine calendar

Last year for show

Will have actors from the Back to the Future films

Fairfield Choir will perform

Packard Museum bus tour is sold out

Sign ups available on line


Dayton Show

First weekend in August

Cars and Coffee

Dixie Highway, Fairfield, Duncan Donuts

Club members showing up every Saturday morning

Trap shoot

Don will continue to run once weather gets warmer

Will be 4th Sunday of each month

Upcoming events posted on Facebook and Web pages

Welcoming suggestions for club events

Event calendar available on website or Google


Old Business

Newsletter – need editor


Insurance on trailer and contents

Applied for State Farm insurance

Was originally accepted, but one week later returned the club’s money

Currently have no insurance on CONTENTS of trailer

Trailer itself is insured

Club member with relative in Hagerty will inquire there


New Business

“Miles Ahead” Film

Being filmed in Cincinnati

Need period cars from 1940’s-1970’s

Specifically need 1970’s Jaguar XJS, preferably in BRG

Contact information and car photo to milesfilmextras@gmail.com


Kerry Sunderhaus

Had infection in the spinal cord

Is now recuperating at home

Jim Stepudis sent flowers on behalf of the club


Online auction of car collection

Local doctor – cars across the street from Antique Auto

Auction ends noon tomorrow

Includes ’53 MG TD, Delorean

British Car Day

July 13th


Currently 38 preregistrations (31 from BCCGC)


US Flag that flew over the White House donated for use by Don Fales


T-shirts waiting for more sponsors before printing

Deadline is June 24th

Don listed some of the sponsors we have so far


Need volunteers for setting up prior to show

Starting at 8PM


Port-A-Lets arranged – will be set up Thursday prior

International Car Festival

No report.

Next BCCGC meeting will be in August due to British Car Day

Location TBD


Split the pot held after meeting, followed by tour of Antique Auto and auto auction being held across the street.


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Double O Seven

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From Wired Magazine OnlineSo over the long weekend as Bond Fever started taking off with the new release of Skyfall, I had the opportunity to watch the BBC series Top Gear that featured the James Bond Cars through the years.  It turned out that good old Ian Flemming had originally made the super agent a car guy.  In the first book where we meet Agent Bond, he has a 1933 Bentley Convertible with a Amherst Villiers Supercharger (Wikipedia has a nice entry on the whole thing).  Reported throughout my research, Bentley never actually made this mystic Mark IV.

There were also the other unforgettable cars in the movies.  As the story goes reported in the TV show, no one wanted to loan the early Bond Film makes cars.  This was I guess before product From Wired Magazine Onlineplacement was crazy big money.  Now, they would probably have given them a small fleet to use the new Chevy Volt to give the little electric runabout ‘street cred’ with the  20-40 Male English Spy group.  But there have been some amazing cars including the Submarine Lotus and the AMC Hornet.  What, you thought me referencing an American Car for an English spy has never been done?  The cork screw flip from the movies is still one of the most noteworthy film stunts ever done.  Bond’s on screen range of cars has been numerous.  Probably only slightly behind his leading lady selection or exotic means planned for his demise by various arch villains.

All this has inspired me to read the books and start playing baccarat.

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Triumph TR7 Ad

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quickly grabbed from ebay, this is a great ad produced by Leyland Motors to get you rev-ed up and ready to buy that little yellow number!

Triumph TR7

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