MG T Car Subgroup Meeting

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TD Engine

So we met at Jim Pesta’s shop on Wednesday for the 2nd meeting of the T Car sub group.  Well it was definitely different from Sorrento’s.  Instead of the piano playing in the background and some old world Italian classics for dinner, we had pizza and took apart an engine!  I know for me, this kind of thing get’s the grease monkey in me excited!

Specifically we were working on Joe Pott’s 1954 MG TF project.  Joe has decided to make some repairs and take the opportunity to rewire the car and rework the engine compartment.  The process was instigated because he had an odd noise coming from the car.  I think we all have been there!  The concern was that there needed to be a complete redo of the engine.

Joe on his own with some guidance from Jim was able to remove the fenders, grill and hood of his TF which allowed for the relatively easy removal of the engine from the compartment.  The good news was that most of the noise seems to have come from the Clutch Plate.  It would seem that some one couldn’t understand the directions printed on the part.  One side says clearly it is to face the engine… well, it wasn’t.  But since the Crew was there, we decided to check the bearings.  Neat little process.  We now know it envolves using some thread like clay that you smash down in the race way and measure how wide it ‘smushes’.  These British cars have a very technical language.  All things considered we hope to see Joe back on the road soon!

Checking out the clutch plate

We are still looking to find folks with T Cars that want to get out and enjoy them.  If you have one that is running, sitting, or in pieces we want to get you on the road with us!


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What should you carry with you in your TD at all times.

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Don’t be afraid, be prepared.  So these are the items I would categorize as must haves in your car at all times.

Moss num.                  Description                   No.                 Each                Sub. Total
451-220            Clutch Rod                                1                    $42.95             $42.95
290-500           Gasket pipe to manifold         1                    $10.95             $10.95
376-050            Fuel line carb. to carb.           1                    $27.95             $27.95
376-090            Fuel line pump to carb.         1                    $29.95             $29.95
290-300           Gasket valve cover                   1                    $14.70             $14.70
311-768             Nut Set exhaust flange            1                    $ 4.95              $ 4.95
376-060            Oil Line firewall to fitting      1                    $16.95             $16.95
324-760            Washer Banjo bolt                   4                    $ 1.35              $ 5.40
434-438            Hose Set, lower three hoses    1                    $19.95             $19.95
434-410            Radiator Hose, Top                   1                    $33.95             $33.95
434-120            Fan Belt                                       1                    $21.70             $12.70
180-470           Wheel Cyl. Repair kit, 2 rears    1                    $31.95             $31.95
180-448           Wheel Cyl. Repair kit, 4 fronts   1                    $22.50             $22.50
324-908           Washer Set,  12  banjo fitting    1                    $ 8.50              $ 8.50
181-070            Brake line, 3 way to right rear   1                     $23.80             $23.80
181-841             Brake Line, Flexible                    1                    $44.95             $44.95
146-310            Washer, Brass                              6                    $ 0.80              $ 4.80
152-200           Point Set                                        1                    $12.95             $12.95
151-800           Rotor                                             1                    $ 3.95              $ 3.95
153-000           Distributor Cap                           1                    $29.95             $29.95


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03/28/2012 TD Owners Group Meeting

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Jim Pesta

Jim and Dave

This Wednesday brought the first meeting of the BCCGC TD owners group.  This meeting is for owners and enthusiasts of ‘T’ series MG’s.  This group meets the 4th Wednesdays of the month.

This month Jim Pesta and Dave gave a breif over view of what every TD driver should carry with them on a drive.

Remember for questions please call Jim at 513-591-0910 or email at

The agenda will include:

6:30 to 6:45 upcoming events
6:45 to 7:15 general discussion since last meeting (individual’s questions or issues)
7:15 to 7:35 visual presentation non-local events
7;35 to 8:15 Technical program
8:15 to 9:00 discussions about problems (see general discussion above)

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MG TD – What a convertable!

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The T Series may have started with the TA, but by the TD, MG had a full on road racer. The TD began being produced in 1950’s. It had some of the enhancements from the MG Y series (like the independent suspension). Production was ended in 1953 with a final number of 30,000 produced. most of which ended up in the US market.

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